About Super Sexy Kawaii Girl

SuperSexyKawaiiGirl (also known as SSKG and SSKGirl on various gaming servers) started — as so many things do — as a joke.


The name itself is something of a parody. I wanted to see if I could become the world’s first male titty streamer, the app formerly known as FaceRig had just been released, and the rest is very silly history.

In fact, while I cannot prove this at all, I was technically one of the earliest Western vTubers, as they are now known. The persona gave me a creative outlet, and a way to let my crazy flag fly in public while sharing my gaming adventures.


After a long, long hiatus, a friend of mine convinced me to get back into it, and now I stream for fun, and to learn about the underlying technology behind video streaming.

In fact, while I am certainly enjoying my time playing online with friends, I have a slightly grander goal in mind: I want to see if it’s possible to reduce or even eliminate our dependency on centralized video streaming platforms. I’m currently in the planning phases of creating a guide to (semi-)independent streaming.

[Author's Note:] This did NOT work out, and I need to update this page a fair bit.

Hey, a girl* can dream.